In the extensive technology era, the industry was pushing the limits in both design and manufacturing areas. Small scale microelectronics technologies those in the micro and nanoscale area are the most exciting developments. Researchers working at or near the molecular level have recently made significant breakthroughs that will enable companies to create entirely new products, applications, and highly efficient manufacturing techniques. These applications products required excellent performance that allowed to withstand in harsh environments which is thermal stresses, vibration and shock. Therefore, its has been a great deal of research and innovation concerning robust design and the selection of novel materials. Some of the most spectacular developments in electronics packaging are now beginning to take shape. The Electronic Packaging Interconnect Technology Symposium, (EPITS 2017) is bringing together packaging experts in these critical areas and others to sharing and exchange the ideas in electronics technology. Don’t miss your chance to get up to speed on today’s most important topics in packaging, all in one place on one day.